A Beginner’s Guide to Capsule Wardrobes


What is a capsule wardrobe? It’s a carefully curated collection of versatile essentials designed to mix and match into multiple outfits. Here’s an intro to streamlining your closet with this sustainable approach:

Start by taking inventory and assessing your current pieces. Note gaps in basics like jeans, tees, and blazers. Identify items you rarely wear for donation or resale.

Define your personal style and ideal color palette. Choose hues that are cohesive and suited for your lifestyle. Neutrals work well as core basics. 

Make a list of staples that fit your aesthetic. For work, perhaps slacks, blouses, sheath dresses and cardigans. For weekends, jeans, tees, joggers and sweaters.

Purchase well-made foundational items purposefully over time. Invest in pieces ethically manufactured from durable natural fabrics.

Incorporate some personalised accent pieces that spark joy like a statement coat, vibrant scarf, or bold jewelry.

Store off-season items and excess nicely to maintain a curated closet of 25-30 current faves you’ll actually wear. 

Capsule wardrobes reduce waste and clutter so you always have go-to outfits ready. Start small and build yours thoughtfully over time. The simplicity is liberating!

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