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School Uniform Upcycling Ideas


Instead of tossing outgrown or worn uniforms this back-to-school season, upcycle them into new usefulness! Here are creative ways to give old uniforms new life:

  • Cut uniform polos into cropped tops. Add custom bleaching, dyeing, embroidery or accessorizing to personalize.
  • Transform logo tees into one-of-a-kind pillows, totes or quilts.
  • Upcycle fabric scraps into scrunchies, hair ties, headbands, masks or noodle straps.
  • Sew uniform skirts and shorts into trendy skorts by combining pieces.
  • Use fabric remnants to patch, accent or mend non-uniform items.
  • Repurpose gently used pieces into stylish PJ sets or lounge shorts.
  • Donate wearable items to sustainability initiatives helping other students in need.

Through creative upcycling, students learn valuable skills like sewing, design, and color theory while extending the lifespan of existing materials instead of continually consuming new. Uniform upcycling is win-win for students and the environment!

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