Back to School in Sustainable Style


This back-to-school season, balance required uniforms with fun free dress options that give students versatility. 

Here are tips for curating ethical school wardrobes:

Fill uniform needs first with pieces meeting dress code standards. Look for durable, natural fabrics when possible.

Then add ethically made layering essentials like polos, button-downs, sweaters, jackets and accessories to mix and match. 

Include comfortable, conscious casualwear like tees, joggers, denim and hoodies for dress down days and weekends.

Choose better basics like organic cotton undershirts and underwear to refresh drawers. Eco-friendly hosiery also comes in fun colors and patterns.

Incorporate reusable water bottles, backpacks, lunch containers and accessories to reduce single-use waste.

Empower students to make sustainable dressing easy and fun. An eco-conscious school wardrobe builds character on the inside and out.

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