Slow Fashion

The Environmental Impact of Fast Fashion on Youth Culture


The rise of fast fashion brands catering to young shoppers has detrimental impacts. Here’s how it hurts both teens and the planet:

The instant gratification of fast fashion conditions teens to associate buying new clothes with mood boosts. This fuels impulsive overconsumption rather than purposeful purchasing.

Trendy throwaway styles emphasise novelty over versatility. Teens discard garments after wearing once or twice to keep up with social media hype feeds.

Low prices and exploitative labor create an undervaluation of both apparel and workers. Teens learn their clothes are disposable rather than made by people with dignity.

Fabrics like synthetics shed microplastics when washed, contaminating waterways. Or resource-intensive cotton gets tossed after a few wears once “out of style.”

Discarded fast fashion textiles overwhelm landfills. Most are unrecyclable due to blends and treatments. These synthetics will outlive teens who wore them.

Slow fashion education can protect our youth from toxicity. We must advocate for eco-literacy and mindful consumption to help teens dress consciously.

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