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Budgeting for Sustainable School Clothes


Dressing sustainably often comes with higher price tags. However, some smart strategies can keep ethical back-to-school shopping affordable:

Prioritise long-lasting natural fabrics, quality construction, and versatile essentials over disposable fast fashion when allocating clothing budgets.

Shop sales at ethical brands. Discounts can make better basics competitively priced with conventional options. Sign up for brand newsletters.

Buy in phases. Space out key purchases over the summer months rather than all at once to spread out costs. 

Sell unused items to earn cash for new ethical pieces. Have your teen handle listing or consigning items to teach responsibility.

DIY customise or upcycle uniforms and existing pieces for free through tie-dye, embroidery, patchwork, reconstructed designs and more to breathe new life into closet staples.

Buy pre-owned and swap clothes with other sustainability-minded families to bypass retail costs. Youth quickly outgrow garments.

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