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Caring for Cashmere and Knitwear


Delicate but durable, luxe cashmere and fine knitwear deserve special care. Follow these expert tips to cherish these pieces for years:

  • Limit harsh detergents which strip natural oils. Opt for a gentle liquid wash or wool-specific formula.  
  • Use your hands to gently agitate pieces when washing to avoid stretching, never wringing or twisting.
  • Rinse twice with cool water to remove all soap residues which can deteriorate fibers over time.
  • Absorb excess moisture by rolling items in a towel before reshaping and drying flat on a rack or netting.
  • Pilling is normal. Regularly use a fabric shaver to gently remove surface pills without damaging the fabric.  
  • Store knits folded, not hung, in breathable drawers off-season to prevent stretching and protect fibers from sunlight damage.
  • Unravel small snags immediately before they run. Carefully trim loose threads rather than pulling.
  • Get pills, spills, and stains professionally removed to extend lifespan – improper handling can irreparably damage delicate fibers.

With the proper gentle care, your cashmere and fine knitwear can last for years to come. Follow these suggestions and your cherished pieces will maintain their luxurious softness and quality for generations.

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