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Traveling Sustainably – Eco-Friendly Packing Tips


Vacations and trips can tax the planet through air travel and waste. 

Make your getaways greener with these sustainable travel packing tips:

  • Capsule pack by choosing versatile basics in coordinating colors that allow multiple outfits from minimal pieces. It lightens your luggage and reduces waste.
  • Roll clothes vs. folding to maximize space and minimise wrinkling. Use packing cubes, compression sacks, or reusable bags to organize neatly. 
  • Pack lightweight, quick-drying synthetics and natural fabrics that can rinse clean in the sink, eliminating excess laundry.
  • Use reusable travel-size containers for toiletries instead of hotel freebies and single use plastics that end up as waste.
  • Wear bulky shoes and outerwear on travel days to free up space. Choose multifunctional pieces that transition well.
  • Use carry-on only when possible and check airlines’ carbon offset programs when you must check bags.
  • Skip paper tickets and itineraries by saving digital versions on your phone for easy, eco-friendly access en route.

With smart minimalist packing and reusables, you can roam the planet while leaving as little trace as possible. Bon voyage!

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