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Reduce Your Fashion Footprint: A Conversation with Anita Chester


We reviewed eco-advocate Anita Chester about easy ways to lighten the environmental impact of your clothing purchases. 

Here are her top 3 tips:

  1. Consider cost per wear when making purchases. Higher quality items worn often over years save resources versus cheap disposable fashion.
  2. Extend garment lifespan through care. Hand wash, line dry, spot clean, and repair items to prevent excess laundry and replacements.
  3. Purchase natural, recycled, or upcycled fabrics. Synthetics from fossil fuels have higher impacts. And recycled materials avoid new resource extraction.

Anita also recommends educating yourself on fashion supply chains. Knowing your fabrics and who made your clothes allows you to buy based on ethics. Lastly, she advises speaking up! “Contact brands asking how they monitor worker treatment and lower footprints. Together, our voices can drive change.”

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