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5 Tips for a Sustainable Wardrobe Makeover


Ready to align your closet with your eco-values? Here are 5 tips for giving your wardrobe a sustainable makeover:

  1. Assess your current clothes and create a capsule wardrobe of versatile essentials in a cohesive color palette. Store other items out of sight.
  2. Evaluate gaps and purchase mindfully. Seek natural, recycled, or upcycled fabrics from ethical brands. Invest in quality over quantity.
  3. Maximise use through care. Hand wash delicates, air dry materials, and use a gentle cycle for longer lifespan. Repair items promptly.
  4. Recycle retired garments. Donate wearable pieces in good condition and recycle unwearable textiles through take-back programs.
  5. Rent or swap to refresh your wardrobe. Rental services and swaps allow you to experiment with new styles while avoiding purchases.

Transitioning to a sustainable closet does take time. Start small by implementing one new habit, like air drying laundry. Then build momentum by adding more pieces from values-aligned brands. Soon, you’ll have a wardrobe that reflects your style and ethics.

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