School Swaps – Promoting Circular Fashion on Campus

School-Swaps Promoting-Circular-Fashion-on-Campus

Schools can promote sustainability and community by hosting uniform, book, and supply swaps on campus.

Here’s how to run them successfully:

  • Ask families to donate quality used items like uniforms, texts, devices, gear. Set categories and limits.
  • Sort donations. Group apparel by size, items by condition, supplies by type. Recycle or donate what can’t be swapped.
  • Promote the swap. Share event details and distribution guidelines through emails, social, posters.
  • At the event, use signage to designate swap areas. Offer volunteers to assist browsers.
  • Limit number of items per student to spread swaps fairly. First come, first served.
  • Follow up with donation drives when supplies run low to replenish inventory continually.
  • For uniforms, facilitate recycling not claimed into art projects, rags, insulation.

Campus swaps divert waste by connecting unused goods across peer groups sustainably. They reinforce sharing, circularity and community.

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