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The Lifecycle of a Samraj Fashion Garment


At Samraj Fashion, we embed sustainability into every stage of the garment lifecycle – from design to end-of-use. Join us for an inside look at the ethical processes behind our eco-conscious clothing.

It all starts with thoughtful design. Our team analyses trends while avoiding fads to create timeless, versatile styles that will endure. We sketch digitally to avoid waste. Then we craft patterns and protoypes using deadstock fabric remnants whenever possible.

Next, we source fabrics responsibly. We screen natural fibers like organic cotton for pesticide use, water consumption, and worker treatment. With recycled synthetics, we verify processing methods to ensure textiles don’t shed microplastics. We also develop custom fabrics using eco-friendly dyes and finishes.

Our global network of vetted factories guarantees safe conditions and fair wages. We manufacture locally when we can to reduce transport emissions. At our own UK factory, we operate on 100% renewable energy and recycle heat, water, and waste. 

Throughout production, we monitor labor practices and environmental impacts. We prohibit forced overtime and child labor. And we offer wages and benefits above average indicators.

To reduce packaging waste, we ship pieces from factories direct to customers in recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable materials. We also offer rental services to extend use before recycling.  And we collect used textiles for charitable donations or commercial recycling.

By improving social and environmental footprints across the fashion supply chain, we make sustainability the new standard – not just the exception. The path towards an ethical, circular production model is a journey we’re proud to lead.

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